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We are casting 2 roles:
[ paulrobertstafford ]     11/17/2012
Erebus Films are casting two roles for their upcoming short film: Midway Round.

Midway Round is about a middle-aged guy who has just been dumped by his long-term fiancee, who realizes during a game of poker that his luck is elsewhere. He must find it.

We are casting 2 roles:

1 - THE FATHER - Age 60-70 years old - Speaking role (Lines are in Korean)

2 - THE UNCLE - Age 50-65 years old - non-speaking role

This is just one simple scene, to be filmed indoors. The father is talking to the uncle about his son. He is talking about how disappointed he is with his son. The uncle agrees with the father.

Filming will take place in the last week of November/first week of December. Exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Because we are a small, independent production, this is a non paying role. Filming will not take any longer than 2 hours, so time needed is minimal.
This is a good opportunity however, to work with a foreign (UK, USA, SOUTH AFRICAN) film team.
You will receive a copy of the film on DVD as well as refreshments on set.

English ability is not necessary, but a little is preferred.

Please apply with 2 photos and a resume to:

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day ^^"

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