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The BM GROUP content development team is recruiting members for the production team (director, write
[ BM GROUP ]     3/16/2024
The BM Group content development team is recruiting exclusive members for the production team.

Hello, this is BM Group. As an entertainment company that will expand globally, we are producing a variety of video content. Our production team strives to create excellent works through higher levels of artistic expression and creative ideas.

Our production team is looking to recruit the following dedicated members:

1. Director: A person with extensive experience in video production and excellent visual sense
2. Writer: A person who has excellent storytelling skills and can use creative ideas.
3. Scripter: A person with effective script writing skills and an understanding of video composition.
4. Director of photography: A person with professional filming skills and sensibility
5. Lighting director: A person who can create the mood of the video through lighting effects.
6. Hair/Makeup Artist: A person who can enhance the appearance and image of actors and models.
7. Stylist: A person who can create a unique and attractive style by combining various fashion items such as clothes and accessories.

We are looking for talented people with passion and innovative ideas. We look forward to the support of passionate people who will work with the BM Group production team to create successful works in the future.

- Experience in a related field or a holder of a related degree is preferred.
- A person with excellent teamwork and communication skills
- A person with excellent problem-solving skills and adaptability

How to apply:
If you are interested, please send your resume and portfolio to this email address. Please write ˇ°Application for exclusive production team memberˇ± in the subject line. We will individually inform those who pass the document screening of the interview schedule.

We at BM Group respect diversity and provide equal opportunities to all applicants. We look forward to your interest and support.

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