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Recruiting members for ˇ°LA Sky Praise Bandˇ±
[ Nam Kyung-jin ]     3/16/2024
Recruiting members for ˇ°L A Sky Praise Bandˇ±

Theme song: Hymn #294

1. The music of the sky spreads gently over the sea, such a beautiful tune

The sound of angels singing softly, in my ears they welcome me

2. I go up to the hill above the Jordan River and earnestly fold my hands and pray to my Lord.

Lord, please send your angel and guide me so that I can participate in the music of heaven.

3. Even if the waves are strong and dark, I will cross if the Lord allows it.

The heavenly music pulls me to sing, I will join the heavenly choir

The Lord's return is very close.

Anyone who enjoys praise and wants to glorify God through playing a musical instrument is welcome.

ˇ°Heavenly music draws me to sing, and I will join the heavenly choir.ˇ±

As in the hymn lyrics above, if heavenly music pulls me to sing often,

Come to ˇ°LA Sky Choirˇ± and prepare well together for the day the Lord comes.

Let us all join the ˇ°Heavenly Praise Band.ˇ±

Transcends all ages, genders and denominations!

We welcome everyone who is interested in praying and praising God with deep gratitude while singing freely to God.

The praise meeting place will be within L A K-town. (Notification later).

Starting in May, it will be held every Sabbath at 3:30 PM.

+ "LA Sky Choir" Anyone who wants to participate / conductor / accompanist / various instruments, etc.

If you would like to help in various ways and would like to pray, please contact us.

Contact: Richard Nam (Former President, Adams College /Chaplin e-mail:
(213)268-2860 - (Please leave a brief text message first) or 213 386 8000

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