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Simple Touch Group
Model Management Contract

Simple Touch Model, hereinafter referred as STM, shall sign the contract after having a discussion with Model ____________________ .

1. General Rules
Model shall entrust Simple Touch Model (STM) with the rights to manage every single activity of his/hers, and STM shall exercise this authorization.

2. Contract

a. 60% of total amount of initial payment for Model after signing contracts and 60% of any payment given after/before work with any introduced by STM, Advertisement Corporation, Magazine publisher, Film producing company, TV, CATV Company shall be given to STM.

b. The Term of this Contract is between ____________________ and ____________________ . If Model violates this term or breaks any promise, STM shall be given the right to claim Compensation or indemnity for any damage against Model.

c. Without the permission of STM, Model shall neither negotiate with any other companies, nor appear on any stages. Also, after signing up the contract with STM, Model shall not sign contracts with any other entertainment commission companies until the expiration date of contract is over.

3. Compensation
After signing contracts with any Companies that are introduced by STM, Model shall not terminate those contracts without the permission of STM. If Model violates this rule, he/she is fully responsible for any problem caused by doing so. If any companies contracted with STM's Model without the permission of STM claim Compensation or Indemnity, Model MUST pay them 2 times of total payment received.
Plus, if STM's Model has done any activity with other companies' introduction, STM has the right to claim Compensation or Indemnity, and both STM's Model and those companies share the responsibility to pay Compensation to STM.

Competent Court
a If Model violates any rule written on this contract, he/she is fully responsible for legal actions.
b. In regard of lawsuit or acts of procedure between STM's Models, the competent court is to be selected by STM.

Signature of Model ____________________ .

Signature of STM _____________________ .

Additional Rules

a. If Model is under 18, he/she needs a legal representative (such as parents or guardian) to sign this contract.

b. Anything not mentioned on this contract is followed by usual customs.

Both Simple Touch Model and the Model shall make out the contract in duplicate. After signing them, Simple Touch Group and the Model keep each one of contracts, and Simple Touch Group shall keep the copies of Model's ID and SS#.

Date of Signing ______________________ .

Signature of Model ____________________

Signature of STM _____________________

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