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TV Program Theme Song Contest is for $1,000
[ 6/16/2014 ]

TV Program Theme Song Contest is for $1,000

The winner will get $1,000


We are Simple Touch Entertainment producers of the radio program ¡®K-popcorn Show¡¯ on AM1230 every Sunday 9PM-10PM. You can also take a listen on the website www.radio1230.com on air.


We hope K-popcorn Show can be a connection between older and younger generation, not only in Korean community but in a bigger picture, the whole United State. We believe that K-pop music would be a connection with empathy and communication within all of us.


You can reach K-popcorn Show through radio air right now but we are preparing to make it as a TV program as well. This is the reason we are looking for the winner for the K-popcorn Show TV program theme song contest.


-Theme song should be over 3 minutes.

-Theme song entries entered in before June 30th 2014.

*We look forward to hearing talented people to participate in this contest.       


K-popcorn Show YouTube links:







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